Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cecily Markland here...I am eagerly awaiting Liz Adair's arrival here in the Phoenix area where she will present a workshop tonight (Thursday, May 29) on one of her favorite topics, "Using Family History in Fiction," and we will participate in "A Family Celebration of Music and Art" in Mesa on Saturday. For those of you who aren't in this part of the country or who won't be able to attend, but are interested in the material, a booklet (also titled, "Using Family History in Fiction") will be available to purchase from (which will be up and running in raw form as of Saturday!) In the meantime, if anyone is interested in inquiring about purchasing the booklet or in scheduling Liz for a workshop or seminar, please e-mail me at writeone at cox dot net (written this way to avoid phishing, you know what I mean!).

All of this is just part of what is happening as we are ramping up to introduce, Counting the Cost, Liz's powerful new novel based on her own family history. As the book is in its final edit and we are working on the design of the cover, it really feels like history in the making! It's a beautiful story and it's going to look beautiful as well! I believe Counting the Cost is Liz's best work yet, one that will not only bring a small piece of history to life and pay tribute to all that makes up our nation's Western heritage, but that also reaches deep into the hearts of strong, interesting characters and, in so doing, teaches each reader insightful lessons for life. Indeed, for each of us, doesn't life come down to the cost of our choices?

To receive updates about the progress of Counting the Cost, come back to this blog or sign up for updates by going to anytime after June 1.

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Janet said...

Really looking forward to this book! Please notify us when it's available. We love Liz's writing AND her jewelry!!!
Janet & Owen